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  • Alarm does ring in background or in screen-lock mode since update?

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  • I love this app! How can I thank you enough? :-)
  • How do I set an alarm?
  • How do I play my iPod music as an alarm?
  • My night mode is too bright. How can I make it darker?
  • I can only see one clock design. How do I change the look of my clock?
  • How do I change my time zone?
  • How do I use the sleep timer?
  • How do I switch the temperature display between Celsius and Fahrenheit?
  • Is there a potential screen burn-in issue with leaving the iPad screen on all night?


  • The app keeps crashing or doesn’t load properly
  • Why did my alarm not ring?
  • My clock shows an incorrect time. How can I set it to the correct time?
  • The app can not locate me in Auto-location mode
  • The app can not find my proper location in order to display weather. What can I do?
  • I can not see my weather forecast
  • The app crashes every time it tries to access my iPod library
  • Why did my alarms disappear?
  • The app crashes when I try to play music or set an alarm to music

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Apple seems to have changed the way notifications are handled and notifications now need to be turned on at the app level in order for alarms to work on both background and screen lock modes. We are working on updating the app to enable notifications by default in an upcoming update.

While waiting for a new update, note that you can get the alarms to function properly by following these simple steps:
- Go to your device\'s Settings
- Go to the Notifications menu
- Select the row for the alarm clock app
- Turn everything to ON

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1.If you’re using one of the analog clocks, tap the alarm button (with a bell). If you’re using one of the digital clocks, tap the dark orange LCD that shows the date and time.

2.Tap one of the alarms listed. If no alarm is listed, you can add one by tapping the “+” button at the top right of the pop-over window.

3.From the alarm settings menu, set the alarm status to ON to set the alarm to ring to the time indicated in the time wheel at the bottom. Of course, you can change the alarm time to your desired wake-up time.

4.Optionally, you can set the volume of the alarm and its sound using the Music/Sound option.

Important: if you plan on having your alarm ring in the background, set your device\'s sound volume and mute status accordingly. Because of iOS constraints, the pre-set alarm volume does not have any effect in background mode. Only the device\'s current volume and mute status does.
When setting an alarm, go to the Music/Sound menu and tap “Select music from iPod”. If you have music stored on your iPad, you will see a familiar iPod interface that lets you select music to use as your alarm. Just tap any song, audiobook or podcast you desire to play as your alarm. Note that you can add multiple songs and use the shuffle option to wake up to a different song every day.
1.Make sure that your iPad brightness settings are set to the minimum setting under iPad Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.

2.Turn the option “Night mode display” to OFF.

3.Pick one of the darkest clock faces (\"Classic clock charcoal\" or \"Modern clock black\" work best for this).

Note that even after following the 3 tips above, there will be some residual brightness. This is a hardware limitation that us developers have no control over: The LCD still displays some brightness even if the whole screen is set to pitch black. Also, the iPad OS doesn’t let us turn the screen off without entering into screen lock mode either. Please don’t rate the app negatively because of these limitations out of our control. We did our absolute best. If you do find a solution on another app that could help us make the night mode even darker, definitely let us know!
To change the look of your clock, you can either swipe the current clock with your finger in a right to left motion to reveal the next clock design available. You can also change the clock design by opening the app’s settings menu (“i” icon at the top right of the screen) and tapping the “Clock face” option.
The Lifelike Alarm Clock app doesn\'t actually control the time zones. This is done using the iPad Settings: International > Date & Time > Time Zone. The clock always shows the time for whatever time zone you currently have selected in your iPad settings. Not the location where the weather is set to show.
In order to use the sleep timer, you must first select a music or one of the pre-loaded relaxing sounds to play. To do so, tap the orange LCD screen at the bottom of the clock. Note that you can select several songs from your iPod collection to play in sequence. Once you’ve made your music or sound selection, the sleep timer icon (bed icon) will light up meaning that the sleep timer feature is ready to be used if desired. Just tap the sleep timer icon and set the timer to the desired time.
To change this, go to the app’s settings menu (“i” icon at the top right of the screen) and you’ll see a big toggle switch at the top of the menu.
The iPad is still a new product but there have been no reports of burn in issues to date. Someone on the Apple forums answered this question before with the following: \"The iPad LED Backlit IPS Screen is not phosphor-based, so there is no permanent phosphor burn-in problem. You might see some image persistence, but that is not permanent and can be corrected. See this support article about image persistence:
It is possible that your app file might be corrupted. You should try deleting the app and installing it again. You won’t be charged twice as long as you do it from the same iTunes account. Re-installing should take care of the problem but you might want to also reboot your iPad to be safe!
1. The app now allows multitasking alarms meaning that the alarm will go off even if the app is in the background BUT please note that in the case of background alarms, the iPad sets the volume of the alarm based on the CURRENT VOLUME AND MUTE STATUS of the device. So if you want your alarm to actually ring (and not just display a pop-up notification), make sure your iPad volume is set accordingly and that the mute switch on the side is not active.

2. First, make sure it was properly set using the steps in “How do I set an alarm”. If you’re using a digital clock, you should see the next alarm time indicated to the bottom left of the current time next to a bell icon. If you don’t see this, it probably means that your alarm has not been turned to a status of “ON”.

The Lifelike Alarm Clock app doesn\'t actually control the current time. It just takes your current time setting from the iPad settings. In order to change the time on your iPad, you must go to your iPad settings on your iPad home screen, then go to “General” settings and then tap the “Date & time” option.
For the auto-location mode to work, you must have Location Services turned on in your iPad settings. Please make sure that’s the case by going to your iPad’s general settings and switching “Location Services” to ON. Even with location services turned on, the iPad sometimes fails at auto-locating. In this case, we recommend using the manual location mode by tapping the little arrow at the center-top of the app’s screen. There you can add a location by tapping the “+” button.
The iPad’s way of finding your location automatically doesn’t work 100% of the time so we’ve added a handy location selection menu. To access this menu, simply tap the little arrow at the center-top of the screen. This will open the location menu. From this menu, tap the “+” button to add a location.
If everything works properly, you should see a weather icon with the current outside temperature at the top left of the screen and tapping the top of the screen should show your weather forecast. If you’re not seeing this: First, make sure that your location is properly identified. It should be showed at the top of the screen. If your location is not shown or is inaccurate, tap the arrow to set the location manually. Once your location is properly set, the app should retrieve your weather forecast unless one of 2 things happen: 1.Your internet connection is down: you can exit the app and go to Safari to double-check whether that’s the case. 2.Our weather feed provider is having a temporary outage. This is rare but as with any internet service it can happen!
This is due to a bug in the iPad\'s own iPod software. Rebooting the iPad and syncing it with your iPod library on your computer should take care of this issue. You may also want to re-install the app for good measure to make sure there\'s not a caching issue. Please note that this bug, as frustrating as it might be is purely on Apple\'s side so please to not rate our app negatively for this issue!
Every time we release a new update, it overwrites the old version of the app on your device, which contains the alarms you\'ve previously setup. This is the one bad news about updates... Hopefully the update itself will bring enough good news to offset the inconvenience of having to reprogram your alarms.
We\'ve actually had a handful of users report similar music playback issues and invariably it ended-up being a problem not with the app itself but with something corrupted in the iPod music library on their iPad. There is no existing bug to our knowledge with the music playback in our app itself. So to troubleshoot this issue, we recommend trying to play the same songs you were trying to play from the app directly from the iPad\'s iPod app. You may also want to try to sync your music library from your computer/iTunes again. Please do let us know if you\'re still having trouble even after checking the integrity of your iPod music library and re-syncing it from iTunes.